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What is an underwater habitat?

An underwater habitat is a self contained facility for individuals to live underwater. It operates at pressure and has facilities for eating, sleeping and even bathrooms and showers. Jacques Cousteau was one of the pioneers of living underwater in the 1960's when he launched his Conshelf I, II and III projects to demonstrate that humans can live underwater safely.

Exterior & Interior Pictures (Artist Rendition) of the underwater living/ diving vacation facility submerged in 15 feet of water

How can there be unlimited bottom time?  

When a person lives in under the surface of the sea for 24 hours or greater they earn the title of "Aquanaut" or "Oceanaut." This is based on the fact that for most individuals their body has safely absorbed all the nitrogen that it can and they have become "saturated." Diving theory for shallow water saturation means that there is no need for surface intervals and the diver is not restricted by the limits of bottom time. Aquanautic Adventures is pioneering the safe and affordable method of saturation diving to create unforgetable experiences for recreational scuba divers. For more information, sign up to our newsletter with your email address on the home page.

When will the details be released of when, where and how much?

Aquanautic Adventures is currently finalizing the plans to launch in 2022. To join our mailing list and be kept upto date on the details of our habit, its location, live/dive packages and costs - sign up by providing your email address on the homepage.

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