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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it Expensive?

While we are still determining the details of our pricing we expect that the daily rate for a 24 hour stay will be comparable to the daily rate of a premium hotel stay. The multi day/multi night stays will have a price comparable to booking a multiday live a board dive expedition.

Is it Safe?


Living in underwater habitats and scuba diving from underwater habitats has been in existence since the 1960's. NASA and the military have used habitats for decades and have completed extensive studies that confirm the safety of breathing air at shallow depths for extended periods of time. 

With our unwavering focus on safety, we will operate our habitats that allow users to go directly the surface if necessary in the case of a medical emergency. The health risks of living in an Aquanautic Adventures underwater residence is the same as conventional scuba diving.

The world record for the number of days lived in a habitat is in excess of 70 days, a testament to the safety of "underwater living"

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